Be Sure to Catch Gold Rush: Alaska Fridays on Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel has this to say about their new program entitled Gold Rush: Alaska. The series follows six men who, in the face of an economic meltdown, risk everything – their families, their dignity, and in some cases, their lives – to strike it rich mining for gold in the wilds of Alaska.  Inspired by his father Jack, Todd Hoffman of Sandy, Oregon, leads a group of greenhorn miners to forge a new frontier and save their families from dire straits.  While leasing a gold claim in Alaska, Todd and his company of newbies face the grandeur of Alaska as well as its hardships, including an impending winter that will halt operations and the opportunity to strike gold.

In an effort to keep the operation running, the team takes fate into their own hands with a make or break venture that will change their lives forever. After watching the steady decline of his aviation business in Oregon due to the stalled economy, Todd searched for new opportunities. With the price of gold on the rise, he came up with a plan to mine for the mineral in southeast Alaska, where there’s an estimated $250 billion worth of gold. The mystique of Alaska draws Todd to the Porcupine Creek claim in southeastern Alaska where his father Jack mined for three seasons in the 1980s before he nearly went bankrupt. But the rate of gold discoveries in Alaska over the past two decades has increased exponentially and almost 200 million ounces of gold have been identified for potential recovery.

Todd and Jack look to their community in Oregon for a team of men to work the mines alongside them, knowing dire economic straits have hit those around them hardest. They have no financial means to pay them until — or unless — they find gold. It’s a risk, but with high unemployment in Oregon, there’s no shortage of interest. All four men on the assembled team have fallen hard. Sheet-metal worker Jim Thurber is about to lose his house. Realtor Jimmy Dorsey is so broke he lives with his mother-in-law. Mechanic James Harness has destroyed his back in a car wreck and needs money for surgery. Greg Remsburg’s last construction job was a year ago.

The mine at Porcupine Creek is located in the heart of one of the last great wildernesses, where weather conditions can change in an instant. The claim is surrounded by the largest bald eagle population on earth, and a nearby river is the site of a year-round salmon run. Grizzly bears and moose sightings happen daily, and the team must be prepared for some seriously close encounters. Armed with the hope and ferocity to rekindle the original American Dream, GOLD RUSH: ALASKA shines a spotlight on this group of enthusiasts. In essence, these are the new “’49ers,” going back to the roots this country was founded on: hard labor, blood, sweat and tears. The men put it all on the line in the biggest gamble of their lives, and the hunt is on to strike it rich — or go bust. VIsit
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Our Travel Guide Youtube Channel at features a great video you’ll enjoy seeing about the historical and contemporary search for Alaskan gold. The “Klondike Gold Fields” is a complex in Skagway, Alaska that offers a host of different family-oriented Gold Rush era adventures, including gold panning in warm water troughs with guaranteed gold in every pan, touring an authentic 350-ton gold dredge and their handcrafted root beer and beer brewery.

To learn even more about traveling to Alaska and experiencing its golden adventures, be sure to explore for complete travel information throughout the US Pacific Northwest, Western Canada and Alaska.

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